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Jaime Continues to Curve Her Own Cube at Podfest 2017!!

Curvists! As I aim to inspire you to pursue your own dreams, I thank you for coming with me on this episode through a milestone in my own journey: my first podcasting convention, Podfest 2017!!

Podfest was three equally exhilarating and exhausting days of being completely immersed in my own slice of heaven. I got to mingle with my peers, meet my idols, and experience some very significant, life-altering moments. Through this episode, you will get to meet many of the people who made my experience so special as they share with my why podcasting is their passion and where they are on that journey. Along the way, we will pull out some great nuggets of both inspiration and actionable items to motivate and help YOU on your journey!

And, regarding the future of this show, I have made a promise to a podcasting legend that affects you all. I have committed to changing the show's release schedule to the 1st and 15th of every month. Yes, this means fewer episodes; but, it will also mean BETTER episodes. So, this is officially the first release in that new schedule. (I told you I would keep my promise, Glenn!!)

If you are looking for a particular shared snippet, look for these timestamps:

19:57: Jared Easley
25:14: Dr. Ryan Gray
26:51: Danny "Godfree" Pena
32:23: Heather Sudbrock and De'Nicea Hilton
37:15: Jessica Rhodes and Amanda Doughty
42:50: James VanProoyen
45:59: Nicole Welch
48:54: Chris and Lazaro
1:03:15: Elsie Escobar
1:09:38: Gabe Aluisy and Glenn the Geek
1:14:29: Lily Wong
1:18:04: Chris Krimitsos
1:34:31: Receiving my first podcasting award from the ladies of She Podcasts!!

Thank you again to Chris Krimitsos and the entire Podfest US team--especially the Pay-it-Forward crew. And, thanks so much to all of you for listening. Remember to find you passion and do your thing with the Curve the Cube podcast!!

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(Have feedback? Please email me at CurveTheCube@gmail.com.)

Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!
DJ John Hitta

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#84 – BONUS: EVENT – Pokemon Go at the Palm Beach Zoo - 2016-07-16

Pokemon Go at the Palm Beach Zoo

Welcome to a BONUS episode of the Curve the Cube Podcast. It is just a bonus, but still very worthy of a number. So, it’s #84! It’s been a while since I’ve covered an event, and this was very impromptu, but still very fun.

(To hear the last event I covered, you will have to rewind to episode #60 where I covered an art gallery opening and then pretty far back to episode #16 with the Shock Pop Comic Con.)

In THIS episode, I get to geek out about the phenomenon of Pokémon Go! There is one local spot that is taking FULL advantage: The Palm Beach Zoo! They laid down some lures and transformed their park full of Pokéstops into a Pokémon trainer’s dream. Sending out a map ahead of time, the zoo primed the local masses to get their teams together and have a #PokemonGo invasion… and it worked!!

A newbie trainer myself, I was SO JAZZED to get out there and go hunting for Pokémon. So, I had my map ready and spent a fun evening capturing Exeggcutes, Pinsirs, Poliwags, and TONS more. The fountain area was particularly littered. It was awesome!!

I stopped along the way and talked to a couple of groups of fellow trainers who were kind enough to spare a few minutes for my questions. (Thanks, guys!) We talked about the sudden craze that is Pokémon Go, getting into teams, strategy, and how much the special event drew them to be at the zoo that night. It was awesome!

There was live music, a Food Truck Invasion (shout out to Hoffman’s Chocolates!), and of course the wonderful and real-life Pokémon—the animals themselves! They absolutely remained the stars of the show!!

I’m having a full podcast with some peeps from the Zoo in a couple of weeks. It’s slated to be episode #88 and released on August 8th; but, keep in touch over social media for updates—mostly on Twitter.

But, aslo keep an eye out while playing the game yourselves! Remember to keep looking up and watching out for “No Trespassing” signs, sketchy folk, cliffs, and mall fountains. It’s just a game, people!!

This is Pokémon Go at the Palm Beach Zoo!


Since this quick, impromptu episode has no sponsor, I’ll ask you to please consider supporting the show yourself. It’s my complete pleasure to continue to bring you a show for free, and I thank my sponsors for covering most of my costs. But, there is still room for more help—and, that is where you can come in. Help me continue to keep bringing you conversations with south Florida’s most inspiring, passionate, and talented people. Any amount helps. Visit https://www.patreon.com/CurveTheCube.

Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!
DJ John Hitta
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#60 – EVENT – Foundation Fine Art Gallery Grand Opening - 2016-01-14

The Foundation Fine Art Gallery Grand Opening on the Curve the Cube Podcast

I had the pleasure this last Thursday of attending the grand opening of south Florida’s newest hot spot for fine art, Foundation Fine Art—a gallery featuring some of the local art scene’s most amazing talents!! Art Director, Robin Tortorici, has done an absolutely stellar job converting what was once a medical facility into an exquisite exhibit space. She features strong and diverse local artists whose work takes you on an imaginative journey through their collections of photography, sculpture, and paint. Treat yourself to a fresh art experience at Foundation!

Contact Robin by phone (561-314-9523) or via email (robin@foundationartservices.com). Visit the art featured at Foundation yourself at 3400 SW 10th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442. Be sure to follow Foundation Fine Art on social media, too:
Instagram | Facebook

And, of course, please be sure to also visit the artists featured in the podcast on their websites and follow their social media channels!

Walt Peterson:
Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Yaacov Heller:
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Frankie Curran:
Additional Website | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

April Anselona:
My featured guest from the previous episode, #59!
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest

Aaron Ansarov:
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube video: https://youtu.be/gThsJ7RT-Mg

This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by my brother, Gerard! Under his company, GL Esquire Consulting, he gives sound legal business advice. If you either want to start your own business or need some guidance regarding the business you own or work for, give him a call! A Harvard and Columbia Law graduate, he’s worked for some of the world’s largest, most prestigious law firms in the world (even at Johnny Cochran’s distinguished firm). He’s worked with clients in a variety of industries, including financial services, agriculture, music production, fashion, and technology, and he’s happy to bring that expertise to helping you and your business needs. When you’re Gerard’s client, he’ll not only be your lawyer, but also your trusted consultant and friend.

His initial consultations are always free; but, if you mention Curve the Cube, he’ll offer you his “friends and family” rates!! Reach him at (786) 531-9834, gerard@glesqconsulting.com, or his Facebook page, GL Esquire Consulting, LLC.

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DJ John Hitta

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#16 – Event – Shock Pop Comic Con #SPCC2015 - 2015-02-13 – 02-15

Shock Pop Comic Con Block

The 2015 Shock Pop Comic Con was off the CHAIN, and I got some FANTASTIC audio!!!  I got to meet stars from some of my FAVORITE iconic movies and TV shows, like American Horror Story, Gremlins, The Karate Kid, Sons of Anarchy, Friday the 13th, and more!!!  Oh… my… gosh… my mind is still blown!!!

I asked Naomi Grossman about transitioning between two completely different seasons on American Horror Story, met Ari Lehman, the ORIGINAL Jason Voorhees ON Friday the 13th, got an autograph of Ralph Macchio for a friend, and did sooooooo much more!  I even picked up a light-up Hello Kitty t-shirt.  I mean… it was INSANE!!!

This was my virginal Comic Con experience, and I’m so glad my brother got to come in town to experience it with me.  We had an absolutely incredible time!!!  We even got to talk to Dr. Who AND witness an interview with G.E.A.R. Radio and Robert Englund up close and personal.  It was AWESOME!!!

Enjoy these bits and clips from my interactions with iconic celebrities and impressive cosplayers, then beginning dreaming of and planning YOUR trip to SPCC.  This experience was definitely one for my bucket list!!

Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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