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Jaime's Curved Cube on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Sometimes, it takes the perfect storm of events to force you to pause, take a deep breath, and take stock. And, when that perfect storm collides with a perfectly blooming opportunity, the heavens are aligning for a BIG change. Well, this episode marks such a change!

I’m excited to announce the next chapter in curving my own cube right here on this podcast and to reveal what adventures I have on the horizon. As you may be aware, I have recently founded the Florida Podcast Network, and the ball is starting to roll really quickly with all of that--including a brand new show! So, the news you’re about to hear is nothing short of EPIC.

And, the timing was just perfect to have my mentor, Glenn the Geek from the Horse Radio Network, record this huge announcement with me. So, major thanks to him for helping me break the news.

The future is bright, and I’m looking for my shades… Listen as the Florida Podcast Network becomes “The Voice of the Sunshine State”!!


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Florida Podcast Network: The Sounds of the Sand and Sun are on the Horizon at
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DJ John Hitta

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