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#17– SMALL BUSINESS – The Pizza Girls – 2015-02-13

The Pizza Girls Block

You can take The Pizza Girls out of New York, but you can't take the New York out of their pizza! 

Transplanted in the 90s, Jennifer and Phoebe promised West Palm the most authentically New York pizza experience. They soon realized their newfound love of Florida, and have been delivering on that promise ever since! Located on the end of Clematis Street, where the fountains meet the heart of downtown, the Pizza Girls restaurant has THRIVED!!!

Along with their hard work and successes building a small business, the Girls have reaped the benefits of their location's rejuvenation and vibrancy. There is always something (or, oftentimes, several somethings) going on just steps from their doorway. And, their patrons LOVE it!! (Trust me: there is nothing better at an outdoor festival or on a party night than a slice of their Hawaiian, a personal fave.)

Jennifer and Phoebe really opened up on this podcast, too. Not only do they offer stories that every business can relate to and gain from, but they also delve into some areas of their personal lives that I was so honored to hear about.

So, sit back and enjoy this podcast. Like their pizza, the Girls offer up every ounce of realness that the New York in them can supply!!

So, head to their website,  You can literally click on their images to have them say “Hello”!

Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

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