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#29 – NON-PROFIT – Richard P. Anderson - 2015-05-26

Richard P. Anderson, Executive Director & CEO of the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue

Richard P. Anderson has spent much of his life helping those who help others, moving from one non-profit to another and improving their networking, funding, and overall operations.  We are lucky to have him at the helm of the Peggy Adams Rescue League—a human society animal shelter in Palm Beach County!  They have serviced THOUSANDS of dogs and cats each and every year since their incorporation all the way back in 1925 and are dedicated to a mission of 100% adoption rate.

A stalwart of our community, the work this organization does improves every aspect of our community—keeping pets safe, healthy, and in a controlled population.  Just one trip to Peggy Adams will immediately impress upon you the breadth and value of their impact.  Richard Anderson has dedicated himself to helping them achieve each and every one of their goals through impressive organization of staff, volunteers, events, and networking with other community shelters and services.

Allergies or not, you have a skill that Peggy Adams could use.  From fostering to finance, the volunteers at Peggy Adams are as important of a puzzle piece as their regular staff.  So, please consider contributing—whether from your time or from your wallet. Head to the Peggy Adams website to see pics of the animals they have available for and for info on their adoptions, volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, ways to donate, and so much more!  (And, let’s all help celebrate their 90th anniversary!!)

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