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#30 – ACTOR – Jay “Poppa J” Cintron - 2015-06-02

Jay "Poppa J" Cintron Block


With an upcoming documentary in the making, Jay “Poppa J” Cintron hopes to inspire people with his story of being #TheManBehindTheMask.  Best known as Captain KVJ, an iconic superhero born during the “Save the KVJ Show” campaign, Jay He has grown Captain KVJ into an integral part of KVJ Nation—joining Jason Pennington’s Snack Pack and being a Weird Wednesday minion.  However, there is so much more behind this dude!


Jay grew up in New York and transplanted to Florida at the age of 17.  His family story and personal life are a real testament to the power of faith and perseverance.  He is truly an inspiration.  And a leader…!!!  He not only has become a core KVJ Nation member, but he also is the main mascot for his employer, Nozzle Nolen!


He’s a goofball, a sweetheart, a respected trailblazer, a father, and a great friend.  Allow me to please introduce you to #TheManBehindTheMask!!!  Follow him on Twitter at his personal account or as Captain KVJ, find him at KVJ Nation gatherings for the KVJ Show, watch him in Clowns Have Murderous Ways, and keep checking in for details on his documentary.  Poppa J is a 24/7 entertainment reel!!!


This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by Little Smiles of Florida!  Little Smiles helps kids right here in our own neighborhoods who are struggling through something that no kid should ever have to deal with.  They work with the professionals closest to them to identify ways to put the little smiles on their faces.  Whether donating Christmas presents to children in shelters, bringing toys to children in local hospitals, raising money for a converted vehicles, or whatever else they can do… they do!  But, they do it with YOUR help.  Please donate to their wonderful cause!


Head to and order some gear.  Enter the promo code “CurvedSmiles” and receive 10% off.  All proceeds go to Little Smiles of Florida; so, it’s a win-win!




Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!


DJ John Hitta


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