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#31 – TATTOO ARTIST – Chris Blinston - 2015-06-16

Chris Blinston on the Curve the Cube podcast

Chris Blinston is a tattoo legend in his own time with 28 consecutive best-in-shows as just PART of his 300+ award repertoire.  Not only is he a great artist, but he is also a successful businessman with a history of opening and operating successful shops.  He has held a steady 3-month client waiting list at his current shop: Big Brain 2: No Hard Feelings in Coral Springs.  So, if you want a tattoo from this guy, you better sign up now, especially because this self-taught success will now be part of Ink Master’s upcoming 6th season on Spike TV, which will pit masters against apprentices!!!

In this podcast, he talks about his life in the Marines, how he got started as a tattoo artist, what skills he uses in running his business, and his experience on Ink Master.  He has a LOT of life lessons under his belt, and he was a joy to talk to!

Catch Chris Tuesday nights at 10 on Ink Master on Spike TV starting June 23rd!!!  And, to start the season off right, join him and other Ink Master stars at the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery in Boca for the premier party that starts that night at 8pm!!!


Chris Blinston's Ink Master Season 6 Premier Party


(Watch the Season 6 preview here!!)


This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by Big Brain 2: No Hard Feelings tattoo shop!  Led by legendary tattoo artist, Chris Blinston, the team of multi-award-winning artists at this highly professional studio are creative, talented, accomplished, and focused on excellent customer service.  Head in and experience a different level of tattoo shop; mention Curve the Cube, and get 10% off!!


Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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