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#49 – Multimedia Journalist – Jason Hackett - 2015-10-24

Jason Hackett of WPTV on the Curve the Cube Podcast

What a fun podcast this was with Jason Hackett of WPTV!!! Jason and I yuck it up throughout pretty much the entire thing! We met up at the Vivid Arts App kickoff party for previous guests, EGee Labs, at Le Rendez-vous, and simply had a great time. His spoke very affectionately about every crew he’s worked with, acknowledged that he has a responsibility on air as a black role model, and LOVED (not!) that I found out which fun kids’ spot he worked at in his early years.

We took a pretty serious turn early in the discussion to talk about Corey Jones—the latest case focusing the national discussion of excessive force by police. All of these stories from Zimmerman to Ferguson on forward have hit close to home for both of us; but, now it was actually in our own backyard. His coverage of the peaceful rally of family, friends, and other supporters of Corey Jones was exceptional, and his take on it from his various perspectives was highly insightful.

In the end, he turned the tables on me with a question that lead to a complete and utter GEEK OUT by us both, and I’m still stunned that he knew as much on that topic as I do. So, you’ll have to wait for that little nugget of podcast goodness. But, his facial expressions (and the adult beverage I was sipping on) had me laughing through the entire conversation. It was simply soooo fun!!

One note of correction: I meant to say “Downy,” not Febreeze!! (You’ll know what I mean when it gets there, lol.)

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