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#52 – CTCKids – MUSICIANS – KRUSH - 2015-11-17

KRUSH Kids Band on the Curve the Cube Podcast!!!

To experience a KRUSH show is to feel something akin to a type of harmonic vertigo that you never want to end. Your ears LOVE what they are hearing, but your eyes compute it as too good to be true! A pre-teen classic rock band that oozes with talent, KRUSH consistently prompts double-takes from those who experience them for the first, second, and (often) every time. With individual accolades earned, these bandmates have combined their talents to impress judges and audiences alike, earning them two Battle of the Bands wins, a strong local fan base, and the attention of music legends!

KRUSH consists of:
• Nicholas (Nicky) Rothschild - Lead Guitarist (10)
• Ben Meller - Lead Singer (11)
• Landon Caballero - Bassist (12)
• Tristan Yeagar - Drummer (12)

But, don’t let their ages fool you. These kids, while quintessential roughhousing, fun-loving boys, are also highly committed to their craft—devoting hours each week to their music, the Band, and each other. To know them is to love them; but, to see them perform is to be in pure awe!

Head to their website to find out about their upcoming shows!!

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This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by Little Smiles of Florida! Little Smiles helps kids right here in our own neighborhoods who are struggling through something that no kid should ever have to deal with. They work with the professionals closest to them to identify ways to put the little smiles on their faces. Whether donating Christmas presents to children in shelters, bringing toys to children in local hospitals, raising money for a converted vehicles, or whatever else they can do… they do! But, they do it with YOUR help. Please donate to their wonderful cause or attend one of their fundraising events!

Head to and order some gear. Enter the promo code “CurvedSmiles” and receive 10% off. All proceeds go to Little Smiles of Florida; so, it’s a win-win!


Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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[UPDATE: A sampling of music from this artist was previously included on this track with permission. In an over-abundance of caution, that music has now been removed, as of July 25, 2020.]

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