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#74 – ENTREPRENEUR – Jeremy Pound - 2016-04-27

Marketing guru, author, and CEO of Juicy Results, Jeremy Pound, on the Curve the Cube Podcast!!!

My guest in (yes, really the) 74th episode features my new “professional compass,” Jeremy Pound, the CEO of Juicy Results where I recently started as their Internet Marketing Coordinator. Juicy Results. Known as the “Internet marketing agency for the Fortune Five Million, Jeremy and his Juicy Results crew specialize in solid web design and maintenance, SEO, and social media marketing. In running his company, Jeremy maintains a keen focus on company culture, and has created one like I’ve never seen, including first-day champagne bottles, a four-legged receptionist named Jackson, and an emphasis on continuous learning.

On my first day he introduced me to the Growth Mindset pioneer, Carol Dweck, by listening to her appearance on Bryan Allen’s podcast. It was astonishing to me how much I was able to connect with it, and I highly recommend that all of you listen to that on your next podcast binge. It’s a solid window into my “curvist” philosophy.
Speaking of podcasts, Jeremy hosts his own called the New Customer Machine, which he has started in conjunction with writing his next book of the same name. If you are a small business owner or are trying to expand your public profile for any other reason (ahem: artists, musicians, writers, inventors, etc…), you NEED to listen to TCM!! And, his last book, The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization, is a must-read for much of the same reason. So, pick up your copy today!!

Jeremy and I talk a lot about marketing and being an active business leader in our community, but also about his childhood creative endeavors, parental influences, and what he cringes at being called. (Spoiler alert: I TOTALLY call him it in the beginning. Ha!)

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