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#97 – 3D STREET ARTIST – Jennifer Chaparro - 2016-09-24

3D Interactive Street Artist Jennifer Chaparro on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Multiple award-winning street artist Jennifer Chaparro creates interactive 3D art on a spans of flat pavement, concrete, … you name it! And, her work, though physically temporary, will never leave the audience’s memory. Whether pretending to sit in a kayak about to go over a waterfall, or (as I did) practicing a balancing act on a giant crayon, I can personally testify that enjoying her interactive art is simply a joy that sticks with you. On this podcast, Jennifer explains the genius behind how she does it. Very cool!!

Jen is a fun and extremely business-savvy woman, and in this episode tells her story of how she fell out of the corporate office and into the life of 3D street art—at first accidentally; then with all the drive and gusto of a determined business owner. And, through talent, passion, and drive, she is now following her dreams all over the world!

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DJ John Hitta

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And, I’ll close with the intro to my other new podcast project: Egg Heads After Hours, which debuts tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4th!

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