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#91 - BONUS: Updates - Happy August 27th!!!

Curve the Cube Updates - Happy August 27th!!

A year ago today, I left a job for a dream. Having built a successful career as a data analyst, I was willing to walk away from a sure thing for one reason: I found my true passion in life was elsewhere. So, after spending a couple of years laying down a foundation, I was able to take a bit of a bolder step towards a career reset, and life refresh.

Both for the time before a year ago and since then, my guests on Curve the Cube have been a constant source of excitement, inspiration, and motivation to know (unequivocally!) that I wanted that same passion and zest in life, and I was willing to work my butt off for it.

It hasn't been easy, but it has been well worth it. As this podcast comes out today, I'm not sitting home burnt out from spending a week with the weight of drudgery. Rather, I'm exhilarated, having been immersed in the world of digital marketing all week, and I am tackling the world of podcasting with full gusto. This morning, I am recording my special birthday podcast, where I've had people turn the tables and ask me questions. This afternoon, I will be hosting the first meeting of the Egg Heads After Hours podcast, a new show I am cohosting with other tech movers-and-shakers in our community: Aaron Wormus (a Guy on Clematis), Kate Volman, and Eddy Garcia of Vivid Arts. Then, I'll be headed home to work on a client's video projects and some more podcast stuff--including planning the Palm Beach Podcasters relaunch MeetUp event!

Sound exhausting? Nope... Best. Day. Ever. I will certainly feel more fulfilled laying my head on my pillow tonight than I did this same night last year. Sounds all well-worth it to me.

And, pursuing YOUR passion can be just as worth it to you! Want to be a musician? Artist? Entrepreneur? Community Organizer? Whatever it is... find it and do it!

That is the point of my mission: to encourage you to Find your Passion... Do your Thing!!

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