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Michael Hall of Digital Grass and MediumFour on the Curve the Cube Podcast 

Hi, guys!!!

I'm so glad you guys are joining me for episode #115 of Curve the Cube where my guest is serial entrepreneur, Michael Hall of Digital Grassroots Innovation & Technology (D.G.I.T.) and Medium Four. Michael and I get into a LOT on this podcast: mental blocks, diversity, finding your target audience, and the concept of dying empty. He really gave me such good stuff to work with. But, I decided to take two things to The Learning Curve at the end of the episode:

  1. Getting around that mental roadblock that naturally happens when you are super excited about a great idea, but then realize you're not the first to market. And,
  2. What Michael says in this conversation about dying empty hit me so hard, I just HAD to talk more about that, too.

There's tons to digest, guys; so, I tried keep my own updates in this intro as short as possible. But, yeah... I have a lot going on, too!

SO... with all that said, sit back and relax with this, the 115th episode of the Curve the Cube podcast with Michael Hall.

Music Beds courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!
DJ John Hitta


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