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#21 – RADIO – The PBB Street Team – Estelle Deshocka & Dejane Barrett - 2015-04-11

PBB Street Team Block

Holy salacious podcast!!! Estelle and Dejane are two AMAZING ladies from the Palm Beach Broadcasting Street Team!  The Street Team are the peeps behind all the fun at radio-driven events like Beer Fest and Our Kids World, regular show appearances at various venues, and some REALLY huge concerts, like No Snow Ball.  Let’s just say, their job is AWESOME!!!

On this podcast, they talk about why they chose this career path, getting their foot in the door with Palm Beach Broadcasting, and all they see for themselves in their future.  They share which celebrity made them feel like family and all the goings-on that happens behind the scenes of all the cool places and events that give Florida so much of its life!

Speaking of life, these girls do NOT hold back in discussing their personal lives. Wow… Ok, truth be told, neither do I; and, apparently, when you get the three of us together, the dirty details fly!  This is a podcast that will leave your head spinning and your belly soar from laughs!

Instagram:        Estelle (@deshocka | @ deshockaphotography)     Dejane (@dejane_vu)

Twitter:             Estelle (@estelledeshocka)          Dejane (@dejane_vu)


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DJ John Hitta

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