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#102 - SOCIOCULTURAL - Veterens Day, Donald Trump, & the American Dream - 20161111

Veterens Day, Donald Trump, & the American Dream on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Curvists and new listeners, the foundation of a pursuit of dreams for many is the American Dream itself, and there is really no dream more emblematic or inspiring around the world than that beacon America has been as a place where hope meets hard work.

But, we find ourselves at a time in our American history where masses of people feel like that American Dream is at grave risk for them. And, this election (and, for many, Donald Trump himself, is a driving force of either a promise newly lost or a promise newly regained.

So, as I heard of an anti-Trump protest on Veterans Day right here in West Palm Beach (and, a bubbling counter-protest), I decided to head down there and see what those dreams are for people. There is a clear passion involved in both protesting and counter-protesting, and I wanted to get to the root of some of this passion. And, I was as struck by the diversity of answers as I was by the possible areas of common ground that seemed to surface.

So, my hope with this episode is to allay fears, but inspire action; to propose areas of commonality, so we can focus on continuing to progress as a unified, strong country and world leader; and to help people understand one another's struggles better. We really need to stop living only in our individual pockets. As diverse of a country as we have, we need to step out and listen to one another more. And, I hope we can all be more active toward that American dream that unites us all.

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Thank you to our vets for our right to protest and all other freedoms. This has been your host and producer, Jaime Legagneur, and thanks so much for listening to what may be my most powerful episode of the Curve the Cube Podcast, yet. I'll let you be the judge... Happy belated Veterans Day!

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