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#33 – TRANSGENDER – Drew - 2015-06-20

Drew, Female to Male Transgendered Individual on the Curve the Cube Podcast

My dear friend, Drew, opens up with me on this podcast about his journey as a female-to-male transgendered individual—the physical, financial, social, and emotional impact and struggles the transgender life brings.  Simply speaking, it is not easy.  Imagine all the rigors and stresses of everyday life compounded and magnified by the very body you are in being at odds with both your mind and society’s expectations.  Every step out into the world to tackle those everyday tasks becomes an awkward dance of considerations: how you dress, how you act, who to talk to, etc…--all because your gender identity is more complex than the XX versus XY boxes we have been accustomed to.

The purpose of Curve the Cube is to inspire people to pursue their dreams by interviewing and picking the brains of those who are living their dreams.  Typically, topics of the podcast stay within the realm of professional or hobby-like passions: owning a business, supporting yourself as an artist, etc…  However, I can think of no dream pursuit that requires more literal blood, sweat, and tears than that of a transgender person trying to find their way into the right body and out of the shadows.

Most of us are very lucky.  The journey into a body that physically matches the mind inside is usually accomplished for us in the privacy of a womb—without any effort on our part whatsoever.  For some, though, that journey is public and arduous.  I can’t thank my friend, Drew, for not only sharing his story, but also being so open and honest.  He has asked to remain anonymous due to his professional pursuits, which is just an honest reflection that there is more understanding and acceptance to come from our society.

This is definitely the longest podcast episode thus far, though I tried to edit it down for time as much as possible.  The message is just so important and involves so many elements I never before considered, that I wanted Drew’s story to be told as fully as I could.  I encourage all to hear the whole episode!

For transgender resources, this page on GLAAD’s website is a good place to start.  I hope we all end with compassion…

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