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#68 – UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER – Chris Gug - 2016-03-15

Chris Gug Gulielmo on the Curve the Cube Podcast

I recently had the absolute honor of sitting down with America’s premier underwater wildlife photographer, Chris Guglielmo (or simply "Gug," as he is known in most circles). Gug is one of those rare individuals who was gifted with a passion at an early age that he has continued to grow and excel at. He has been diving and photographing marine life since he was 15 years old, and in this podcast he talks about planning and conquering his shots, the secret to his vivid colors, and demystifying some common misconceptions.

The conversation took an unanticipated (yet, highly welcomed) turn toward a discussion on environmental conservation, and we discovered our mutual passion for animal rights and species preservation. Gug gets to travel the world in pursuit of the best shots, and he seems very genuine in his gratitude for living his dream.

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