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#2 – ENTERTAINMENT - Andrea Ocampo – 2014-10-25

Adrea Ocampo Block

This podcast was sooo much fun to record! Andrea really came to have fun!! She has been in the entertainment industry for 15 years, and has had a breadth of experience and successes. She is currently (amongst many other things) the arena host and reporter for the Florida Panthers and is spreading her wings in the world of acting. Andrea has touched just about every corner of the entertainment industry, and now is focused on growing her company and relaunching her blog, Media-Gypsy, which focuses on helping others pursue THEIR dreams.

We sat down with some wine, and she got REAL!!  Andrea talks about her entry into the industry through dancing and cheering for the Miami Dolphins, the struggles of coming up, and her future goals. We got into the pressures that women face in particular in entertainment, the pitfalls that people in general often face, and what it really takes to keep the gears running toward success.

She was a delight, seriously funny, and allowed me the opportunity to totally geek out with her about horror movies and zombies. Simply stated, Andrea was SO MUCH FUN, and I can say I’ve walked away from this podcast with a new friend!!!

This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by D’Or Fashion, a south Florida-styled, high-fashion boutique store with several locations throughout the Miami area. Follow them on Instagram to find their special promo codes!

D'or Fasion

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DJ John Hitta

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#1 - RADIO - Kevin Rolston of the KVJ Show - 2014-10-15

Kevin Rolston

This is the PREMIER episode of Curve the Cube, and in this episode, we feature Kevin Rolston of the KVJ Show—a big dog of morning radio here in south Florida!  I feel privileged to call Kevin both a friend and mentor.  So, I am very grateful that he graced the Curve the Cube podcast’s pilot episode!

And, Kevin really brings it!  After surprising me with a bit of beat boxing, Kevin gets into the evolution of radio in his life (including just how he broke into the biz), some hilarious coming-of-age tales (which show why he needs to call his mother more often), and the hit to his chest that changed his life.  He also talks about life in and on radio, adding a story that really made me tear up.

I must apologize in advance, though.  Muddle through the moments of bad sound quality mixed with my obnoxious laugh.  It’s worth it!  There are so many gems in this podcast!!

This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by the KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF right here in Palm Beach County. Tune in to hear Kevin, Virginia, and Jason’s hysterical morning banter and bits that bring the funniest content in radio entertainment by and for south Florida.  Listen to them weekday mornings from 6-10.  They live here, too!

Promo Code Info:

Head to to order your next KVJ Show or KVJ Nation t-shirt.  Enter the promo code “CurvedSmiles” now through November 10th and receive 10% off.  All proceeds go to Little Smiles of Florida!


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Curve the Cube's Intro & Outro

Can you identify the scrathes???

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