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#102 - SOCIOCULTURAL - Veterens Day, Donald Trump, & the American Dream - 20161111

Veterens Day, Donald Trump, & the American Dream on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Curvists and new listeners, the foundation of a pursuit of dreams for many is the American Dream itself, and there is really no dream more emblematic or inspiring around the world than that beacon America has been as a place where hope meets hard work.

But, we find ourselves at a time in our American history where masses of people feel like that American Dream is at grave risk for them. And, this election (and, for many, Donald Trump himself, is a driving force of either a promise newly lost or a promise newly regained.

So, as I heard of an anti-Trump protest on Veterans Day right here in West Palm Beach (and, a bubbling counter-protest), I decided to head down there and see what those dreams are for people. There is a clear passion involved in both protesting and counter-protesting, and I wanted to get to the root of some of this passion. And, I was as struck by the diversity of answers as I was by the possible areas of common ground that seemed to surface.

So, my hope with this episode is to allay fears, but inspire action; to propose areas of commonality, so we can focus on continuing to progress as a unified, strong country and world leader; and to help people understand one another's struggles better. We really need to stop living only in our individual pockets. As diverse of a country as we have, we need to step out and listen to one another more. And, I hope we can all be more active toward that American dream that unites us all.

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Thank you to our vets for our right to protest and all other freedoms. This has been your host and producer, Jaime Legagneur, and thanks so much for listening to what may be my most powerful episode of the Curve the Cube Podcast, yet. I'll let you be the judge... Happy belated Veterans Day!

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#78 – YOGA INSTRUCTOR, MUSICIAN, AND MOTIVATOR – Jamie Scott Harris - 2016-05-27

Yoga instructor, musician, and mentor, Jamie Scott Harris, on the Curve the Cube Podcast

I met Jamie Scott Harris one random Friday when my son and I were out walking with a friend of ours and her dogs. He was meditating in the park and we eventually struck up a conversation about yoga, life, and purpose. By the end of it, I knew I had to have him as a guest! After pursuing a career in yoga instruction and finding himself in a new state, Jamie came to a new path of his journey through life. He discovered a transformational mentorship group called My Life My Power, and his life mission was suddenly and dramatically expanded. Coupled with Gratitude Training and his guitar, Jamie now leads a life focused on uplifting others in their own passions and dreams. (Sound familiar??)

In our podcast, Jamie delivers a very powerful message about finding and living your authentic self, sloughing off that which burdens you and is not working. He is full of enthusiasm about encouraging others to find what they are passionate about. In particular, he helps kids from all walks of life open up their minds to their true potentials and, in that same vein, talks about focusing one’s influence on how they can help others (“no longer ‘me’ but ‘we’”).

With a special musical treat included at the end, this podcast is perfect for anyone and everyone seeking life as a curvist!

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#56 – FAITH – Sharif Elhosseiny & Rev. Wendy Tobias - 2015-12-18

Sharif Elhosseiny, President of the Islamic Center of Palm Beach, and Reverend Wendy Tobias of St. Joseph's Episcopal Church on the Curve the Cube Podcast

My ‪‎‪podcast‬ with Pres. Elhosseiny of the Islamic Center Palm Beach and Rev. Wendy of St. Joe's Unplugged was PHENOMENAL!! I thank them both so very much for participating. The goal going into the conversation was to explore how we as a people and our faiths have so much more in common than we do in difference; but, we ended up finding and connecting on so much more! Listen and learn about the TRUTH of ‪#‎Islam‬, not what the terrorists and those who fear-monger want you to believe.

"The word itself, 'Islam,' comes from the root word, 'salam,' which means, 'peace.'" Unfortunately, due to those in this world who have hijacked the Islamic faith and committed terribly heinous acts in its name, there are many people who fear ALL Muslims. Just recently, Sharif’s Center was the victim of that fear—having been vandalized in the middle of the night. In the vandal’s wake, the Center’s surrounding community offered cards, flowers, and other sentiments of support.

This last Saturday, Sharif hosted an open-house to condemn terrorism and invite questions of the public, featuring guest lecturer, Abu Muhammad Al-Maghribi, visiting Imam of Masjid Tawheed in Stone Mountain, GA. ("Masjid"means Mosque in Arabic.) I attended the open-house and arrived to a peaceful and beautiful community atmosphere that surrounded me with so many warm, smiling, happy, and welcoming Muslim faces! It was a packed house, and MANY people stepped up to the open mic with their questions. The visiting Imam answered them BEAUTIFULLY!! Here are a few of his quotes:
"[We] do not let a few terrorists hijack our faith, our ‪#‎Islam‬."
"Isis [and other groups] are renegades. They are criminals. They are terrorists."
"I don't blame the non-Muslims for their fear.... We hate [the terrorists] more than you do."

Thank you, ‪‎ICPB‬, for opening your doors to the public to better understand Islam!! It was also wonderful to meet Liz Balmaseda from The Palm Beach Post as she was covering the story, and I encourage you all to read it!!

Our cultures, faiths, and people DO have much more in common than they do in difference. Hear one another and curve the cube with open hearts and open minds. ‪ Love is greater than fear‬!!

Statistics sources:
Pew Research Center:


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#47 – CONGRESSWOMAN – Rep. Lois Frankel - 2015-10-19

Congresswoman Representative Lois Frankel on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s dedication to public service was born of an innate passion within her to advocate for others. Through standing up to childhood bullies, protesting for social change in the 60s, and tackling the challenges in public office, Rep. Frankel has been on a mission. She has spoken up for people’s rights at every turn and believes strongly in the American dream being accessible to all. Representing her constituents true wishes is of the utmost import to her, and she has made keeping herself engaged in constant conversations with the public a top priority.

I personally found Rep. Frankel to be inspiring, passionate, and a very humble role model. She has a heart for leadership and a compass pointed toward justice that guides her every move. I was simply in awe of her and felt so honored to have had this inspiring conversation with her—particularly as the anniversary episode of the podcast!

Please check out her website, sign up for her newsletter, and follow her on social media:

This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by Little Smiles of Florida! Little Smiles helps kids right here in our own neighborhoods who are struggling through something that no kid should ever have to deal with. They work with the professionals closest to them to identify ways to put the little smiles on their faces. Whether donating Christmas presents to children in shelters, bringing toys to children in local hospitals, raising money for a converted vehicles, or whatever else they can do… they do! But, they do it with YOUR help. Please donate to their wonderful cause!
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#33 – TRANSGENDER – Drew - 2015-06-20

Drew, Female to Male Transgendered Individual on the Curve the Cube Podcast

My dear friend, Drew, opens up with me on this podcast about his journey as a female-to-male transgendered individual—the physical, financial, social, and emotional impact and struggles the transgender life brings.  Simply speaking, it is not easy.  Imagine all the rigors and stresses of everyday life compounded and magnified by the very body you are in being at odds with both your mind and society’s expectations.  Every step out into the world to tackle those everyday tasks becomes an awkward dance of considerations: how you dress, how you act, who to talk to, etc…--all because your gender identity is more complex than the XX versus XY boxes we have been accustomed to.

The purpose of Curve the Cube is to inspire people to pursue their dreams by interviewing and picking the brains of those who are living their dreams.  Typically, topics of the podcast stay within the realm of professional or hobby-like passions: owning a business, supporting yourself as an artist, etc…  However, I can think of no dream pursuit that requires more literal blood, sweat, and tears than that of a transgender person trying to find their way into the right body and out of the shadows.

Most of us are very lucky.  The journey into a body that physically matches the mind inside is usually accomplished for us in the privacy of a womb—without any effort on our part whatsoever.  For some, though, that journey is public and arduous.  I can’t thank my friend, Drew, for not only sharing his story, but also being so open and honest.  He has asked to remain anonymous due to his professional pursuits, which is just an honest reflection that there is more understanding and acceptance to come from our society.

This is definitely the longest podcast episode thus far, though I tried to edit it down for time as much as possible.  The message is just so important and involves so many elements I never before considered, that I wanted Drew’s story to be told as fully as I could.  I encourage all to hear the whole episode!

For transgender resources, this page on GLAAD’s website is a good place to start.  I hope we all end with compassion…

This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by Sol Experiences—the Florida events company to enhance your SOLcial life!  Curve the Cube’s producer, Jaime, has personally been on a Palm Beach Gardens pub crawl and party-limo driven day trip to Key West that were both SUPER fun!!!  Stay posted on their events, and if you mention Flint Stone Media, you will receive a discount!




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