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#50 – NIGHTLIFE – Peter Agardy of Saltwater Brewery - 2015-10-27

Peter Agardy of Saltwater Brewery on the Curve the Cube Podcast

Welcome to my 50th episode, Curvists!!! I celebrated this milestone with Renaissance man, Peter Agardy—cofounder of Saltwater Brewery, fine artist, and environmentalist. Peter and I talk about what goes into the making of a craft beer; from the infused ingredients to the barrel the brew is stored in, it’s a real science. Peter described the roots of the brewery and how it got off the ground, all the fun events they plan there—including trivia nights, live music, Sunday brunches, and more. Head to their website to stay on top of their events! As an added bonus, a super yummy food truck is pretty much always parked outside; and, after you taste a brew or two, ask about their Brewery tours. The place is a real experience!!

However, the backbone of the Brewery is not only the creation of craft beer, but also their heart of charity and love of our oceans. Peter shares info on all the charities they support and why/how they give back to our community and environment.

On top of his other great talents, being an artist is in this man’s blood just as much as the salt life and love of craft beer. Peter’s fine art presents super vivid underwater scenes that make you feel transported into a snapshot of the ocean itself. Look it up on his website; while browsing, look for the video of his creating the painting now seen on the Brewery’s Screaming Reels can. So cool!!

After we wrapped up the podcast, Peter gave me a tour of the Brewery, and I got to see firsthand where all the deliciousness is made. This wasn’t captured by audio; but, you can head to the Brewery website and check their tour schedule. Go see it for yourself! At the very end of this episode, you’ll hear him walk me through a tasty flight of four of their craft beers. Mmmmm…

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This episode of Curve the Cube is sponsored by the Pizza Girls—West Palm Beach’s Top Spot for Authentic NY Pizza—from episode #17!!! They are located right in the heart of downtown, by the fountains where Clematis meets Flagler. Go in and have a slice! Or, order from them online, and they will give you 10% off of your first order. Don’t forget to follow them on social media and to keep an eye out for their food truck for delicious “Slices & Ices”!!
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#7 - NIGHTLIFE – Garett Hagan - 2014-12-20

Garett Hagan Block

Garett Hagan is the General Manager of Dirty Martini in Palm Beach Gardens, and from dish-washer to competitive bartender, to GM extraordinaire, he has done it ALL in the hospitality business.  He’s worked his way up in the ranks through lots of hard work and enthusiasm for customer service and the crafting of a good drink.

In this podcast episode, Garett shares his career story, how he’s accomplished opening so many successful venues, and what great venture he has waiting on the horizon.  He’s a super personable, smart guy with a never-ending fascination and excitement for it all. Garett is a perfect example of when passion meets practice, success is inevitable.


Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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