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#16 – Event – Shock Pop Comic Con #SPCC2015 - 2015-02-13 – 02-15

Shock Pop Comic Con Block

The 2015 Shock Pop Comic Con was off the CHAIN, and I got some FANTASTIC audio!!!  I got to meet stars from some of my FAVORITE iconic movies and TV shows, like American Horror Story, Gremlins, The Karate Kid, Sons of Anarchy, Friday the 13th, and more!!!  Oh… my… gosh… my mind is still blown!!!

I asked Naomi Grossman about transitioning between two completely different seasons on American Horror Story, met Ari Lehman, the ORIGINAL Jason Voorhees ON Friday the 13th, got an autograph of Ralph Macchio for a friend, and did sooooooo much more!  I even picked up a light-up Hello Kitty t-shirt.  I mean… it was INSANE!!!

This was my virginal Comic Con experience, and I’m so glad my brother got to come in town to experience it with me.  We had an absolutely incredible time!!!  We even got to talk to Dr. Who AND witness an interview with G.E.A.R. Radio and Robert Englund up close and personal.  It was AWESOME!!!

Enjoy these bits and clips from my interactions with iconic celebrities and impressive cosplayers, then beginning dreaming of and planning YOUR trip to SPCC.  This experience was definitely one for my bucket list!!

Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!

DJ John Hitta

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