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#18 – PODCASTING AND MULTIMEDIA – Adam Rymer, President of Nerdist – 2015-02-28

Adam Rymer of Nerdist Block


It's the PRESIDENT of Nerdist Industries, Adam Rymer, and I couldn’t have been more excited to talk to him!!  He grew up down here in sunny south Florida, but has seen his career skyrocket—including making The Hollywood Reporter’s 2007 “Next Generation” list of the top 35 entertainment executives under the age of 35.  Adam joined Nerdist a year ago and is positioned as one of the top cutting edge trend setters for this next phase of entertainment’s digital age.


On this podcast, Adam discusses the business strategies he’s employing to grow Nerdist from a podcast by Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray, to a fully integrated and dynamic media enterprise.  The details he shares for cross-branding, cross-marketing, and overall business mechanics are pure GOLD!!!  Even better (for me, at least), he also gives great tips for building a podcast!!!


His career started out in management consulting; but, after a journey of soul-searching, Adam realized his passion was in entertainment.  And, the rest is history!  He is not only shifting the gears on multimedia trends, he’s exploring film production.  (Check out his film The Rover, 2014.)  If you are a business person, an entertainer, in marketing, a podcaster, or just have an overall interest in super cool people, this podcast is for you!


I am a HUGE fan of Nerdist.  In fact, that podcast was my inspiration for starting Curve the Cube.  So, I truly can’t thank Adam enough for doing it!!!  Pine Crest Panthers for LIFE!!!  Enjoy!


Music Bed courtesy of DJ John Hitta!!!


DJ John Hitta


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